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Sliding & Double Glazed Windows in Canberra

Sliding Windows

We specialise in sliding windows, awning windows & double hung windows.

Sliding windows are one of our most popular products and can be custom made to suit your size requirements.

They give great ventilation and allow a lovely amount of sunlight into your home.

Enhance your surroundings with the contemporary style and quality features of the G.James™ 131 Series Sliding Window.

Precision designed to satisfy both the demands of the home owner and Australian Stands, this window clearly offers appeal, functionality and structural integrity. 

Recognising the importance  of weatherproofing, G.James™ Sliding Windows incorporate fully sealed corner joints (frame), continuous weather seals (sashes) and a range of sill options.


  • Stainless steel ball bearings and large 16mm diameter wheel equals long term performance and smooth sliding action
  • A sill inlay to assist with drainage and restrict accumulation of dirt and matter in the sill cavity
  • A pivot action, self-latching handle provides easy access and convenience
  • Independent sashes from the perimeter frame to minimise the transfer of loads onto the glass
  • 7 year "peace of mind" guarantee

Awning Windows

Awning Windows are a semi commercial frame that gives a look of clean lines while still being able to provide an opening, even in limited space.

At home in either traditional or modern style of architecture, the G.James™ 048 Series Awning Windows represent great appeal, value and versatility.

Which type you select will depend on the function you require. However, because of its versatility, your awning window will treat you better than you can expect.

The "hood" effect created by an awning window protects the interior from light rain allowing the sash to remain open and ensuring a constant flow of fresh air.

A perfect low-maintenance window with timeless style and easy functionality that will last longer than it's style!

Features :

  • Excellent ventilation control
  • Clean, flush-faced external appearance
  • Superior weatherproofing and cost-effective acoustic qualities
  • Tubular sash profiles and structurally glazed panels for maximum torsion strength
  • Slimline chainwinder and dedicated transom deliver fingertip control and neat flyscreening applications
  • 7 year "peace of mind" guarantee

Double Hung

Allow the classic appeal and unique qualities of the G.James™ 136 Series Double Hung Window to create an outstanding feature in your home.

The distinctive vertical sliding action of a double hung window offers a practical alternative to the standard sliding window.

Tried and tested design methods in conjunction with quality hardware combine to provide a window with exceptional structural and operational performance.

Our Double Hungs are counter balanced, providing good ventilation that allows hot air to escape through the top, and cooler air to come in through the bottom.

Counter balance action also ensures smoother, easier opening and closing actions.


  • "Counter Balance" operation.
  • Interlocking rails for improved security and structural performance
  • Excellent ventilation control
  • Full width lifting rail for easy operation
  • Non-corrosive, low maintenance components including a die cast cam-action sash lock
  • Fly and security screening options
  • 7 year "peace of mind" guarantee
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